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Say hello to a more powerful Land Investment Website Solution than anything on the market today!

Are you a webmaster? Of course not. You’re a Land Investor!

You signed up to be a land investor, not a webmaster.  WordPress?  HTML? SEO? These aren’t your areas of expertise, nor should they be.  What you care about is a powerful and beautiful website that doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter website.  One that naturally attracts sellers and buyers alike and can be managed completely from within your CRM without the need to login to the backend of WordPress or Carrot or any other developer tool.

Now you’ve got it! LandSpeed Websites are 100% custom designed to your specifications.  They are super fast and can be completely managed from within LandSpeed.  Imagine adding a “Sold” or “Deal of the Week” banner as easily is hitting a button in your CRM.  Want to change the price of a property.  Piece of cake.  Just change it in LandSpeed.


Not only are LandSpeed Websites beautiful, fast and unique, you actually get both a buy side and sell side website with separate domains.  When someone fills out a form, the information immediately populates inside LandSpeed. 

LandSpeed Websites can also help you with everything from your web design to branding.  Everything you need to have a fully integrated CRM/Website system that saves you oodles of time.

Now ask yourself: Do you want to spend endless hours learning how to be a web developer or do you want to focus on scaling your land investment business with the help of your new LandSpeed Website?

Get two independent websites in one simple system. One to convert land owners into sellers and one to sell your properties the most effective way ever.
Get our proven conversion-optimized website layout optimized from 100+ land websites, that fits perfectly with the specific target groups of your two separate websites.
Save hours and hours by synchronizing your prospects and property information between your LandSpeed CRM and your website.
Get your land investment website ranked at the top of your most valuable search terms on Google thanks to our integrated automated SEO optimization technology.
Get a higher conversion rate on leads and sales from your website. Thanks to our battle tested high converting website layouts your website is highly conversion focused.
Scale your website together with your business. Thanks to our open system we can integrate or connect any third party tool that you need to use to in the future.

Why choose a LandSpeed Website?

From our experience building several land investment websites, we know what it takes to run a land investment business successfully online.  So, We’ve created a unique website as a service solution that fits perfectly to the needs of any land investment business. Here are the main benefits:

Your easiest website launch ever.

Sit back and let us create your new handcrafted land investment website based on our proven system. You will get two independent websites, one for generating new seller leads and one for property listings that actually convert!

Generate and grow your buyer & seller lead lists

Strategically designed website tailored to capture and build your buyer leads list

Sell your properties the hassle free way

Get a integrated payment solution on your website to speed up selling your properties (*paid Add On)

Seamless LandSpeed CRM Integration

The only land investment website on the market with a seamless LandSpeed CRM integration.

LandSpeed Websites help land investors get more leads and close more leads with consistency

Max Vollmer
CEO, Vollmer Real Estate

“If you need a website for your land investment business you need to work with these guys. They know exactly what it needs to create a scaleable and custom website that is designed to scale a land investment business. We generated over $200k in revenue within 6 month from our new website!”

Aron Bruser
Founder, Win Win United

” You have done an awesome job with my land investing website!  They sinked up my old site (Investment Dominator) with my new website, and made sure the mailchimp account and CRM was all sinked up. Grateful to have someone who can make fixes when needed, and with a fast response time.  Love the logo…  5 stars!”

LandSpeed Website Integrations

Your LandSpeed website comes with many integration possibilities. We can simply connect your LandSpeed Website to almost any online based tool. The connection to LandSpeed comes standard with all LandSpeed websites.

Landspeed CRM

Your website comes fully integrated with Landspeed. You have one single source of truth for all your leads, clients and properties in your Landspeed system and the website gets it from there.


MailerLite – Build your subscriber list in Mailerlite to trigger automated campaigns based on unique variables.


Geekpay - Integrate Geekpay to accept property down payments or monthly installment payments directly from your property selling page.

LandSpeed Website Pricing

Your LandSpeed website comes with all the needed essentials for your land business and can be adjusted with a buch of amazing add ons. There are not extra cost to use our state of the arte integration on your new land investment website.
12 Month

Start Up

12 month rate pay

$249*per month + $511 initial payment
Full Custom Service
Flexible Payment Plan
No Hidden Costs
On Going Hosting: $45 per month
Optional: Book a full Time Website Assistant
IMPORTANT: You need a Zapier Subscription

Land Investor

12 month rate pay

$349*per month + $311 initial payment
Full Custom Service
Flexible Payment Plan
No Hidden Costs
On Going Hosting: $45 per month
Optional: Book a full Time Website Assistant
IMPORTANT: You need a Zapier Subscription

* You can cancel your contract at any time. Please not that in that case we will charge the difference to our fixed price (Startup $3,499 / Land Investor $4,499) as a one time fee if you cancel the rate pay plan. Please concat us if you have any questions about our flexible payment plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions